9,77,479 foreign tourists visited Kerala in 2015

2 - Tipu's FortKerala received 9,77,479 foreign tourists in the year 2015 recording a growth of 5.86 per cent over the previous year’s figure of 9,23,366. Domestic tourists footfall during the same period was 1,24,65,571 with a growth of 6.59 per cent over the previous year’s figure 1,16,95,411. Nandakumar K P, Deputy Director, Kerala Tourism, recently informed at a roadshow held in New Delhi. He also said, “Tourist figures to Kerala have been growing vigorously for the past twenty years. We only saw a little bit of slow down last year and previous year but we are still growing. So, this year we are coming out with a five year action plan to increase footfall. We are going to increase the accommodation facilities and availability and increase the number of classified hotels. We are going to introduce more than 1000 home stays also. We are also going to tap new international markets like the Eastern Europe which is an emerging market for us.” He also informs that the state aims to add 5,00,000 more employment opportunities in the tourism sector in the next five years.

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Introducing ‘Orange County, Hampi’

1137 - Hampi-Intro-Banner1

We are delighted to announce the opening of Orange County, Hampi – the third property of Orange County Resorts.

Orange County, Hampi is located close to the famed 14th century capital of the Vijayanagara Empire – Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins of Hampi, that was at one time described as the “best provided city in the world”, lies spread across 30 sq km. The resort is located 4 km from the ruins of Hampi, along the upper Tungabadra canal with stunning rugged forests and boulders forming its backdrop.

The architecture and interiors of this luxury boutique resort are inspired by the grandeur of the Palaces of Vijayanagara – from an era that is long lost to mankind.

Witness the ‘Awakening of an Empire’.

A resort for an interactive holiday


Ahangama is a village in the deep down south of Sri Lanka where a small fishing community is famous for its fishing techniques. Insight, a resort blessed with a beautiful beach frontage offering travelers a get away from the busy township or city life. Traveling time to Insight from the main Bandaranayke International Airport is approximately 2.5 hours. And from the new Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport it also takes approximately 3 hours. We offer a unique opportunity for you to mingle with the local community and understand the culture of our people through integration. Reaching out to the locals and youth is an idea of promoting friendship with our guests whilst preserving the southern Sri Lankan culture. “Insight” endeavours to offer the concept of an interactive holiday through the product and services on offer. We are a small hotel with 53 rooms. The smiling and friendly team of 86 staff at insight resort is at your personalized service round the clock.Stay at Insight is a range of experiences.


Is because, our aim is to give you an insight to the southern Sri Lankan way of living through interaction with the local community. However, we will not overlook cautioning of when and where to draw the line. “We would not over promise and under delivery”

Web Site: www.insightsrilanka.com

Fields of Gold – A Photo Story – Orange County, Kabini

1132 - Marigold-Mailer

The farmlands of the Kabini bioregion are a visual treat during the short post-monsoon season from July to October. One is greeted by fields of dancing marigolds that colour this landscape with their bright orange and yellow hues, turning it into a giant still life painting in real time. Floriculture has opened up new opportunities for small farmers who have of late been pushed to the edge due to poor returns and unpredictable rains. Marigold, favoured for its use in social and religious ceremonies and, more recently, for essential oils extracted from their petals, are popular with the small farmers of Kabini who supplement their income from its seasonal cultivation each year. A dynamic approach has helped them recognize this small window of opportunity and create a new means of sustenance for themselves. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

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